Winter boots

Classics for cold days.

Winter Fußbett

Leather and real lambskin footbed

This boot is delivered with 2 footbeds. Following the season the footbed can be exchanged.

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Vibram® Ice Trek
Sole Combination

The innovative winter sole for the entire year.


GORE-TEX® lining with lambskin

Snuggly and warm, with 12 mm thick, genuine lambskin. In combination with
GORE-TEX® water-tight.

Herausnehmbare Einlage

Insole can be taken out

Insole from genuine lambskin for perfect insulation from the ground.



Mastery in craftsmanship –

this is how we make our double-stitched models!

We decide on the traditional production method and double-stitch many of our winter boots and some of our mountain boots and brogues. This sewing technique requires absolute mastery and only very few shoemakers still command the skill to do it.

The shaft is stitched to connect the upper part of the shoe with the sole (see image).

Original double stitched


Insulated comfort boots!

Gore-Tex Laminat

Winter felt inlay

Winter felt inlay offers best insulation and warmth

Winterfilz Einlage

Snow Shoing

Lining set-up


Removable inner boot

Heruasnehmbarer Innenschuh Sohle


SNS-Pilot Sport

Axis with steel joint for maximum bending stiffness and optimum control of movement. Direct transfer of power between boot and ski. Power transfer, stability and control of the skis are optimised. Less pressure in the toe area.